About Us

About topezfarms

About Us

Topez Farms is an agritech startup that creates market linkages for smallholder farmers to access premium markets in urban areas. It is the agritech unit of Arapezie Ltd.

When a customer places an order for any of our food products, the closest local farmer to the customer that majors on that product is contacted to harvest and process the product for delivery in compliance to the standards we have already outlined for them to follow.

The customer is assured of fresh, properly packaged, and unadulterated farm products (like garri, plantain, palm oil and raw cassava for industries). Through our food distribution model, postharvest losses are reduced and double rural smallholder farmers’ earnings.

Our goal in Topez Farms is to take farming from just been a means of survival to a business that employs labour by providing a profitable market where these local farmers sell directly to the consumers, make good profit and aid them to scale up to mechanized agricultural practices.

Through Topez Farms’ strong market linkages, Topez farmers (participating smallholder farmers) are equipped to invest in boosting yields, reduce postharvest losses and ensure safe and nutritious food reaches more markets directly without adulteration.